At the age of 46 and a mother of two, I weighed just 7lb less than I did at full term pregnancy 13 years previously. Having never been a member of a gym and yo-yo dieted for years, I began training with Ross, sRachel face shot edittarting a weight loss and fitness regime that was to change my life forever.

Over the next 10 months I lost 2½ stone and my fitness levels were higher than they had ever been. With huge encouragement from Ross and the chance for me to also change people’s lives, it culminated in me gaining a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing, followed by a Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients and, more recently, a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Coaching. In July 2013 I began to work part time with Ross, teaching Core Strength and Conditioning and taking large group sessions when Ross was unavailable.

Now aged 51, with my own fitness levels and strength continuing to increase, I train my own semi-private groups of ladies who, as I initially did, need encouragement and motivation to work out with a group of like minded people to get the results they desire. Who better to understand their concerns and difficulty’s juggling children, partners, home and work, while still making time for themselves!

Favorite lift: I can’t decide between a barbell squat and a deadlift!

Favorite quote: Again a choice between two! “It’s never too late to start!” It really never is….and “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.” This is true whether it’s lifting heavier weights or mentally moving on.

Who motivates me?: My family, no contest. Although if I’m going with the choice of two again I would obviously say Ross!