Tribe Training
Tribe Training
Fear of embarrassing yourself? 😩⁣

This is because of the fear of discomfort. 🙁⁣

Fear is one of our primary drivers as human beings. ⁣
Fear presents to us through a number of thoughts, behaviours and actions and the specific act of procrastination (using distraction) is a fear based action to avoid a possible future discomfort. ⁣

So many people tell me they fear joining because of either embarrassing themselves or embarrassed of where they are currently at with their health. ⁣
Truth is, we will often compare such things as the fear of discomfort we are about to endure to our fear of not performing to our belief of others expectation of our ability. ⁣

BUT, in reality, people rarely have an expectation of us that they want us to uphold. (And if they do, you may want to question this relationship). ⁣
Why? ⁣
Because people are too focused on themselves than worrying about anyone else. ⁣

And when you’re in the right environment (*cough* TRIBE), people want you to succeed and can undeniably relate with you as we ALL had our first session once. ⁣
We all start at our own beginning. ⁣

I want to end on this... ⁣

This belief that we need to be a certain ‘shape’ or certain ‘fitness’ to be ‘accepted’ within a gym or health environment is likely aligned to our need to prove something and where we falsely see our self-value. ⁣

The hardest step is starting. ⁣
Don’t let procrastination and fear be the crutch of your potential. ⁣

We, at Tribe, are here and waiting. 🙂⁣

Doesn’t matter who you are, your background or whatever barrier you feel is stopping you. 👊⁣

We, I, care about where you’re going. 🙏⁣

So, where are you going? ⁣

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