My fitness journey started alongside Ross when he started his dream of the fitness industry.
As his partner I went along with him doing the classes as to me this was my way of ‘spending time with him’, when really I wasn’t really bothered about the actual fitness side at all.

For a couple of years from doing classes in community halls without a purpose to building our facility Warehouse Strength and Conditioning, I started to enjoy exercise, lifting small weights and building a business.

Fast forward to the past year it clicked. I FINALLY have a purpose. I have found the love of being strong, fit and the love of being confident and the love of a challenge. The past couple of years haven’t been easy, like any other young girl, portraying this image of having to be ‘skinny’ and ‘weigh less’ has been a battle. But when you learn to accept who you are and that everyone’s journey and goals are different of course you are not all going to look like the stereotypical image you have in your head.

Strength comes in all different shapes and sizes. Personally as a female I thrive off being strong and seeing men being impressed that this girl can lift good weights and maybe even lifting more than them. Why should it only be men that can be strong?

My passion is female transformations.
Working out is my sanctuary; it is my enemy and my therapy. . I currently hold regional powerlifting records in the deadlift and bench press as a junior powerlifter.
My goals have changed over the years to which now I want to be the best coach to my female clients possible. Help them become the best versions of themselves.
Personally, I thrive off simply getting stronger & fitter every day. Enjoy the variation you can do with exercise.

I currently coach semi private sessions with women. Teaching them how to be strong and show them their full potential.




I personally have gone through my own transformation. To go through the battles all women do and show not only them, but myself that we can do this!







Favourite lift: Deadlift all the way. When this 61kg girl pulls 150kg off the floor, well, I can’t explain the feeling….

Favourite quote: ‘You’re not strong for a girl, you’re just STRONG’.

Who motivates me?: My number one fan, Ross. He knows how to push my buttons and without him I wouldn’t be this strong physically but most importantly mentally. We both share the same dreams and goals. Seeing his passion makes me want to be that little bit better each day.